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One of the main problems that entrepreneurs face when carrying on business is lack of consolidated information on external trade policy and customs procedures. Very often information either comes from unreliable sources or is old due to frequent changes made into legal documents that regulate external economic activity.

Ignorance of or inaccessibility of the information required for traders put them into disadvantage against government officials, i.e. into such relations that cause corruption.

Thereupon, the RK Customs Control Agency jointly with the USAID funded Trade Facilitation and Investment Project, the "Center of Small Business" Association of the Western Kazakhstan oblast, with the technical assistance of the "InCom" private company and with the financial support from the OSCE and EurAsia Foundation Almaty offices have made an attempt to develop a document that describes in a simple and understandable way the procedure for carrying on business in the Republic of Kazakhstan, and offers some instruments that will be useful for those who are involved in this or that way in business.

The document may be found at site. The Guide gives explanations on the key trade and Customs related issues such as import/export operations, customs valuation, country of origin, customs clearance and customs control etc.

The document is aimed first of all at brining predictability, consistency and transparency in customs rules and procedures, as ultimately the level of access of traders and businesses and their agents (customs brokers) to reliable, full and updated information on trade related issues, will influence the quality of documents and data submitted for customs purposes.

We hope that the site will really become a practical guide that will give answers to many questions and help avoiding undesirable problems in carrying on business.

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